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Founder and Host

Iron Nomads Knows Best

Fitness Escapes don’t get better than this!

Hailing from a small village on the coast of Ireland, Sarah has spread her wings to many corners of this planet. With a background in lux hospitality and wellness, this adventurous globetrotter has called many places home including Bangkok, Dubai, and multiple cruise ships, but Chiang Mai has stolen her heart and she is passionate about sharing this slice of paradise with you.

Sarah is your hostess with the mostess, with over 15 years’ experience curating high-end spa offerings and wellness retreats. In recent years, she has turned her attention to creating THE ultimate vacation which combines world-class coaching and the unparalleled beauty of Northern Thailand… and thus Iron Nomads was born!


Bootcamp/ H.I.I.T. Coach

‘Hailing from sunny California, Tiffany is the Bootcamp and High Intensity Interval Training Queen.’

Iron Nomad, Emily, Running Coach


Running Coach

‘Hailing from not-so-sunny England, Emily is here to provide guidance and support for your running adventures.’

Iron Nomad, Teresa, Muay Thai Coach


Muay Thai Coach

‘This 2-time WMC World Champion (118lbs) is ready to help you kick ass.’

Iron Nomad, Khun Thit, Muay Thai Coach

Khun Thit

Muay Thai Coach

‘With over 150 fights under his belt, Khun Thit will show you all the moves and get you fighting fit.’

Iron Nomad, Lizzy, Holistic Recovery Specialist


Holistic Recovery Specialist

‘Lizzy has you covered for all things recovery. From yoga to meditation, with a sprinkle of Reiki and Massage, Lizzy is here to keep you rested and revitalised.’

Iron Nomad, Ali, Sound Healing Practitioner


Sound Healing Practitioner

‘Ali is the magician of sound healing and will be a unique part of your recovery.’

Iron Nomad, Susie, Daniel & Ann, Villa Specialist

Suzanna, Daniel & Ann

Private Villa Team

Suzanna, Daniel and Ann work tirelessly to ensure you have a memorable ‘home away from home’ experience at Saraphi House.

& many more

Ready to escape?