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5 Books That Made Us Better

If you are reading this, you probably know me in some capacity. And if you know me then you will see that I am a book FIEND. So much so, ...

Jul 20th 2023 Read More »

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Transform Your Body And Mind: 5 Reasons To Join A Fitness Retreat With Iron Nomads

When I created Iron Nomads, it was based on the belief that fitness and wellness retreats can be transformative for your body and mind. Here are five compelling reasons why ...

Jul 12th 2023 Read More »

Cod Liver Oil : Your Fitness Friend

Unlocking the Power of Cod Liver Oil...

Jun 22nd 2023 Read More »

Is Your Fitness Space Queer Friendly?

I am a 36 year old queer cisgender woman who found fitness much later in life than most people. I started running and yoga in my late 20’s while I ...

Jun 21st 2023 Read More »

Reimagining Fitness: The Problem With Transformation Photos

At Iron Nomads we believe that transformational photos can be problematic and here’s why: Transformation photos put all the emphasis on external appearance over internal health. Many transformation photos emphasize ...

May 15th 2023 Read More »

Is Perimenopause The Reason Your Gains Are Stalling?

Perimenopause is a natural, unavoidable, and sometimes unpleasant phase that people go through as they approach menopause. Learn about the ways you can combat symptoms for a happier, healthier life....

May 8th 2023 Read More »

Recovery – What You Need To Get Right!

We all know that crushing our workouts is important for our health and fitness goals, but have you ever stopped to consider the importance of recovery? That’s right, rest and ...

Apr 27th 2023 Read More »