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table of fruits, vegetables, and nuts

What Are Macros And How Do They Impact My Fitness Goals?

Most of us have heard about macronutrients and how important they are to your training regimen.

But here at Iron Nomads, we are kind of nutrition nerds, and we get all excited to share the details because we want to help you harness the full power of your macros and get your gains faster!

Macros are the basic building blocks of your body: carbohydrates, proteins, and fats. You can’t live without them, you need them all! Fats and carbs are not your enemies, and when balanced properly with mighty protein, they are the key components to achieving your peak fitness capability. 

When they are not balanced properly? …Well. You might turtle around the gym, take longer to recover after workouts, and take much longer to achieve your ultimate fitness and weight loss goals. You may not even make it to your workout, because the brain chemicals linked to motivation and getting your ass to the gym to do your thang… guess what… start with macros.

Let’s go deeper into the what and why of macros!


Dear, dear Carbs, what a bad and undeserved reputation you have received! Carbs are your body’s primary source for energy. That’s our human biology, friends! Your body is wired to prefer using carbs to get its energy. That’s why you probably experience strong cravings when you try to cut carbs.

Brilliant and versatile, carbs also do this awesome little action called protein-sparing: your body uses carbs for energy so that protein can be used for its proper and critical functions of building and repairing tissue and supporting your immune system. 

You cannot cut out carbs and function efficiently as your body is designed to function. 

You just need the right kind of carbs at the right time to support your fitness and weight loss goals.  


We love our lipids! As well as your energy source for low-intensity, longer workouts, fats are critical for maintaining your body’s temperature, and are the key to proper inflammatory responses for recovery. They also keep our joints lubricated and protected, help us absorb other nutrients we eat, and are part of our normal brain function. No fat = no fit!


Yes! Mighty Protein, the building block of most of our body tissue. Not only is it key to getting those tight, firm AF muscles in the gym, but it is also an essential part of building hormones and enzymes that regulate your metabolism and protect your body. Over-consuming protein will lead to your body expelling what it doesn’t need. Very expensive pee.

So how do I balance my macros?

We got you!

Our retreats provide carefully balanced nutrition for maximum training and recovery benefits. 

We’re not gonna love you and leave you – we teach you how to balance yours! 

Each person is unique and there are many factors to consider when putting together your ideal ratio of macros. With our educational seminars focusing on nutrition, you will take home new nutritional insights into fueling up, building strength, and recovering so you can easily make it part of your everyday lifestyle. 

Our food is SO F*%&*NG delicious!

Iron Nomads knows that maximum nutrition needs maximum taste, and we proudly serve delicious nutritious meals prepared by Chef Fuujii, a world-class chef and local legend with unlimited imagination and a delectable palate. We’ve put together the ultimate yum menu with maximum benefit to your training, so you don’t need to worry about anything except for how many food pictures are acceptable to post on your Instagram feed hahaha.

Pack your bag and come dine with us!

black bean corn salsaChef Fuujiiveggie platter