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Charlie stretching during yoga

What Is Mobility & Why Should I Care?

Did you forget to consider the most important aspect of your training?!

We didn’t! Mobility is the most often overlooked aspect of keeping fit and active for life.

In our humble opinion, based on years of research and experience, mobility is THE most important part of success in your fitness journey. Because it is a journey, not just a weekend war, or a weight loss battle vs the scales!

Mobility training is a must if you are looking to workout more efficiently, get faster & stronger, lift weights like a boss or get your ass to the grass, and smash your fitness & weight loss goals.

But I am young & hardy, almost god-like at times, why do I need to include Mobility in my fitness goals?

Because muscles that are not used properly get tight, strained, and lose their range of motion, leading to weakness & injury. Then we use other body parts to compensate, which pulls us further out of natural balance and pain-free movement.

No one aims to flex like a titan in a tank top, but waddle like a duck!

You may be able to achieve your short-term goals without mobility training, but long-term your body will suffer, and you may face serious physical limitations, discomfort, and pain! We won’t let you do that!

Proper mobility training will give you

  • Better posture 
  • Less pain and injuries
  • Less future joint deterioration 
  • Reduced tension in your body from overtraining or over-sitting 
  • A longer, more active and more comfortable life! 

Mobility vs flexibility – what’s the difference?

Flexibility is how well your muscles or muscle groups lengthen passively through a range of motion. Mobility is how well can your joints move actively through a range of motion.

Of course they work together. But an over-emphasis on flexibility can be damaging and less useful when not combined with mobility. Your range of motion? Mobility. Your muscle control surrounding each joint? Mobility.  Your joints’ ability to move actively through their full range of motion? Mobility. Your ability to dodge out of the way of an oncoming obstacle, or walk safely on uneven ground? Mobility.

Mobility enhances performance in all types of sports.

Runners are totally mobile, right? Why would they need mobility training? Our elite running coach knows that repetitive forward motion of running and joint pressure can lead to a whole range of long-term dysfunction. So mobility training including lateral movement and proprioception is a prime focus in her training schedule. This is a big focus in how she trains and part of the insider info she shares during the Iron Nomads run. From Muay Thai boxing to cycling to yoga, mobility training will make you better at it!

Let’s talk longevity!

We all want to live a long and happy life, and most of us aim to spend our elderly years with a healthy body, frolicking around some tropical island or jigging around the dance floor. Or at least walking to the bathroom on our own!

That’s why we incorporate active rest and recovery in our daily schedule at all our Iron Nomads’ fitness and wellness retreats. We have developed unique and exciting ways to ensure you are getting the full benefits of mobility training and get you to peak fitness for life!

Our Mobility-focused Rest & Recovery schedule includes:

  • Yoga
  • Herbal Sauna
  • Ice Baths
  • Runner’s prep 
  • Warm-up and cool down for all fitness classes
  • Nutritious food to support recovery and longevity

See the daily Iron Nomads’ mobility-focused Rest & Recovery schedule here!

We also include Breathwork, Meditation, and Educational seminars, for the full Mind-Body-Soul R&R experience.